AviNation exists to attract, educate and empower youth in aviation. AviNation magazine strives to give readers insight into the future of aviation by focusing on aviation students, programs, events and innovative approaches to the promotion and continued growth of the aviation industry.

AviNation is proud to be the official youth aviation publication.

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Meet the Press


Jacob Peed

Jacob Peed decided to create a magazine specifically aimed at youth in aviation after seeing the excitement that youth-focused content caused when produced in industry-wide publications. He works tirelessly to promote and grow AviNation and strives to attract, educate and empower youth in aviation.

Design & Production:


AviNation is designed and produced by Lime Valley Advertising of Mankato, MN. Barb Betts of Lime Valley Advertising is the magazine’s lead designer and is responsible for each breathtaking issue of AviNation. Using her years of experience in design, she works to make every issue something truly special.

Editorial Idea?

AviNation is always looking for quality content and photos to be used in upcoming issues.

Readers are welcome to submit story ideas and content suggestions.